RV Parks rules and regulations

                                                                Section 1 - R.V. SET-UP
1.1 Prior to siting any R.V. in HERONS R.V. PARK, the owner shall be responsible for coordinating with the park manager to properly locate the R.V. on the space. The connection of the R.V. to all utilities such as electrical, telephone, cable t.v., sewer, and water are the responsibility of the R.V. owner. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused during the move-in/move-out of the R.V. and will be charged for any damage done in the park including the lot, driveway and/or utility services. One small porch is allowed per RV 4 foot x 4 foot maximum size.

                                                           Section 2 - R.V./UNIT STANDARDS
2.1    Only R.V.'s that are clean, undamaged and in a fully functional presentable condition will be allowed in HERONS RV PARK.
2.2    HERONS RV PARK must approve in writing any exterior accessory or structure added to an R.V./UNIT to be placed on the space prior to its construction and/or installation. All structures, including storage sheds must be specifically approved by the park prior to their construction and/or installation. HERONS R.V. PARK reserves the right to request all structures/ accessories erected on the space be removed at the owners expense prior to the owner vacating the space.                                                                
2.3    R.V.'s intending on staying for an extended period of time are encouraged to install tire skirting. If installed, tire skirting must be made of canvas or pre-treated/weatherized plywood or metal skirting painted to match the siding or trim of the R.V.. Fiberglass or corrugated skirting is not allowed. Wheels and Tires must remain on the R.V. at all times. Fifth wheel front skirting must be color matched canvas only. No tarps are allowed anywhere on the rv or space/unit.
                                                      Section 3 - R.V./UNIT AND LOT MAINTENANCE
1    Each resident is responsible for maintaining and keeping clean and in good repair the exterior of their R.V./UNIT as well as keeping clean their lot space, including lot/yard mowing and weeding. 
2    Common areas, driveways, streets and resident spaces and yard areas are to be kept clear and free from trash and litter at all times. Children's toys are not to be left in the streets. Garbage cans, tools and equipment, etc. must be stored out of sight. Items are not allowed to be stored under RVs unless out of sight.
3    Items/furniture left outside the resident's R.V./unit shall be limited to items  commonly  accepted  as  outdoor  or  patio  furniture. Refrigerators, freezers, trailers, or other non-furniture items may not be stored on a residents/tenants space. Exterior Hot water tanks are NOT allowed.
4    Clothes lines and/or clothes line poles are not allowed. Articles of clothing, linens, rugs, etc. may not be draped over railings or left outside. 
5     Nothing is allowed to be attached to rv park buildings, poles or fences at anytime. 

6    DO NOT dig or drive stakes or anything else into the ground ever. the utility lines could be hit or damaged causing injury.
7    Residents and visitors are not to use, park in, block, store anything, or remove items from empty spaces without asking permission first.

                                                    Section 4 - RESIDENTS AND GUESTS
1    Residents or persons occupying an R.V./UNIT in HERONS R.V. PARK must be identified in the resident's rental application, listed in the rental agreement, and approved by park management prior to moving into the HERONS R.V. PARK.
2    All residents must be individually named in the rental agreement and approved in advance by management. The rental rate is based on an occupancy of up to two (2) person.  There is an additional monthly charge for an additional approved occupant. Additional occupant charges are due with the rent.  There shall be no more than three(3) permanent tenant/residents occupying an R.V. in HERONS R.V. PARK.
3    Any guest(s) who remains in the Rv park for more than five (5) days in a month is considered to be a permanent resident of the R.V./UNIT in which they are staying and must apply for tenancy. No guest will be approved as a resident nor permanently allowed to occupy a R.V./UNIT in HERONS R.V. PARK unless they first apply for residency and are approved in accordance with the procedure set forth in paragraph  4.2 above.  HERONS RV PARK reserves the right to disapprove the request of any guest to become a permanent resident in the event said approval would violate the occupancy standards set forth in paragraph 4.2 above.
4    Quiet hours extend from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., daily. However, no resident, guest or pet may cause or suffer any loud or disturbing noise at any time.  This prohibition shall include but not be limited to parties, radios, television and stereo equipment, loud talking, pet noise etc.
5     Visitors are not allowed on the property during quiet hours: 8pm to 8am winter - 9pm to 7am summer. Visitors are not allowed on the property when the tenent is not on the property. Any visitors that violate the rules will be ban from the property permenently.
6   Tenants are responsible for their visitors actions and violations can result in tenant eviction.
                                                              Section 5 - SUBLETTING
1    No renting or subletting of an R.V./UNIT is permitted. R.V.'s must be owner-occupied.  If requested by the HERONS R.V. PARK residents must provide documentary evidence confirming ownership.
2   Any person occupying an R.V./UNIT during an absence by the tenant/owner must be approved by the park manager prior to occupying the R.V./unit This provision shall apply to "house sitters" or other individuals known to the home owner who might occupy the R.V./UNIT during their absence.

                                                                   Section 6 - UTILITIES                                                                                      1    Garbage and/or garbage containers must be kept out of sight at all times. HERONS R.V. PARK furnishes a garbage dumpster for tenant use only. The dumpster is for everyday household garbage only, NO electronics or hazardous chemicals allowed. Tenants are responsible for removing large garbage items and large amounts like RV/unit clean out from the RV park at the tenants expense. Any extra charge for over filling the dumpster will be charged to the tenant responsible.                                                                                                                                      2   Paper towels, Q tips, feminine products, sanitary napkins, and other large items should not be flushed down your toilet or the restroom toilets. Grease should not be poured down sinks. Any expense incurred in clearing a sewer line blockage caused by a resident's negligence or misuse will be charged to the tenant
6.3    T.V. Cable service is available to each space. Satellite-type antenna dishes or CB/home radio antennas are NOT allowed. Very Small T.V. antennas sized for local reception only may be installed on a resident's R.V./UNIT but at a height not to exceed 3' above the roof line and at the rear of the R.V./UNIT with written approval.
6.4  All water and sewer connections must be water tight at all times                                                                                                         NO R.V. MAY HAVE ANY WATER OR SEWER LINE/TANK LEAKS AT ANYTIME.                                                         IF A LEAK STARTS FOR ANY REASON IT MUST BE REPAIRED IMMEDIATELY.                                                                                                                         
                                                                         Section 7 - PETS
1  A small house pet under thirty (30) pounds at maturity may be allowed, if the tenant obtains prior written permission from the park manager. Said permission shall become a part of the rental agreement between the park and the tenant/resident. An additional pet may be allowed if the resident receives prior written approval. No outside dog runs, dog houses, or pets living outside are allowed. Pets must be kept on the resident's space and are not allowed to roam unattended on the streets, common areas or other resident spaces. Noisy, unmanageable or unruly pets that cause complaints will not be allowed to remain in the park. All pets shall be maintained on a leash 6 feet or less when not inside the residents R.V./UNIT Pets shall not be left leashed or tied up outside a resident's R.V./UNIT during any period of absence by the resident. Excreta (pet droppings) must be cleaned up promptly by pet owners and must be in a plastic bag before putting it in the dumpster. Any pet that threatens or poses a threat to park residents, guests, owners or managment will not be allowed to remain in HERONS R.V. PARK. Tenants will remove problem animals immediately from the Rv park property upon management written notice 

                                                                    Section 8 - VEHICLES
1    Off-street parking is provided for one vehicle only. Overflow parking for residents is available on a "space available" basis. Parking areas for extra vehicles must be designated in advance by the park manager.
2  NO commercial vehicles, Semi or equipment are allowed to be parked anywhere in HERONS R.V. PARK at anytime. Inoperable vehicles may not be stored, parked or left in Herons R.V. Park or in a residents driveway or space 3    HERONS R.V. PARK reserves the right to require that any vehicle, including vehicles owned by residents, not be allowed to enter the park or to remain in the park, if in the Park's opinion, the vehicle is not properly maintained and/or constitutes a hazard to the residents of the park, or if the vehicle is in such a dilapidated condition that it distracts from the appearance of the Rv park.
4    Visitor parking is limited. visitors may park their cars on the residents space or in other parking areas designated by the manager when visiting a resident, but must ensure that their vehicle is parked in locations so as not to block access to any other space or restrict traffic flow within the park. No overnight parking on the paved portion of the park is allowed by guests or residents.  Vehicles parked in violation of park rules may be towed away and/or impounded at the owners expense.
8.5    The speed limit within the park for all vehicles is Five (5) miles per hour.
8.6    Motorcycles/recreational vehicles of any kind are NOT allowed to be started and/or operated in HERONS R.V. PARK.  Including -- Recreational vehicles such as Boats, Jet skis, Waverunners, PWC, scooters, gopeds, motorcycles, atvs, sandrails and any other types of offroad vehicle and/or gas/electric powered toys.
8.7 Motorcycles and recreational vehicles are NOT allowed to be stored in the HERONS R.V. PARK.
8.8 Small Boats are allowed overnight but limited to 4 days in a month and only if parking availability allows for it and its parked in accordance with HERONS R.V. PARK vehicle parking rules.                                                                       8.9 Loud motor vehicles shall not be operated in the park at anytime.                                                                               8.10 NO vehicle/trailer of any kind may be parked on the paved driveway portion of the HERONS R.V. PARK for any reason at anytime. IN ACCORDANCE WITH GARIBALDI CITY RULES IT IS CONSIDERED A FIRE LANE                   8.11 Residents are NOT allowed to overhaul vehicles on their space or in their driveway. No repair or servicing of automobiles, motors, engines, trailers, boats or other similar equipment may be made within the RV park, and NO automobile equipment, engines, motors, etc. may be washed anywhere in the Rv park.                                                 8.12 Window sticker parking permits are required to park on the property. Vehicles without a permit will be towed at owners expense.
                                                                  Section 9 - ADDED RULES
1   The display or discharge of any weapon, firearm, fireworks or pyrotechnic device is prohibited in the HERONS R.V. Park.
2   Soliciting is Not permitted in the HERONS R.V. PARK.
3   Open fires are Not permitted at anytime in the HERONS R.V. PARK.            
4   No vehicles may be washed anywhere in the HERONS R.V. PARK.
5    ALL vehicles must run/drive and have current tags to be in the HERONS R.V. PARK. Any vehicle that doesn't run or have current tags can/will be towed at owners expense. All vehicles must be registered with the Herons Rv Park.
All RVs must have current tags to be in the RV park.
6    No person or animal is allowed in or near the Creek. Garbage, fluids, fuels or paints of any kind are NOT allowed in/near or stored near the Creek.                                                              
7    Laundry room and bathrooms must be kept clean, toilets flushed, floors dried, water and lights turned off after each use. Exhaust fans must be ran when using the showers. Showers should be rinsed/cleaned after each use. Pets are not allowed in the laundry/restrooms.                                                     
8   No businesses or product manufacturing may be ran/operated from any residence or common area in the HERONS R.V. PARK.
9   Living/sleeping in vehicles other than a designated R.V./UNIT is NOT permitted. Anyone found doing this in the HERONS R.V. PARK will be prosecuted for trespassing.
9.10  There is NO SMOKING OR VAPORIZING of any kind in the laundry/bathrooms or within 10 feet of entrances, exits or windows.
9.11  Fish and crab or any other animal cleaning is not allowed outside anywhere in the Herons Rv Park and is not allowed in the laundry/bathrooms. If any guts/leftovers are put in the garbage dumpster it must be double wrapped to block odor.
9.12 Moving/yard sales are not allowed anywhere in the Herons Rv Park.   
9.13  Pets must be tagged and vaccinated in accordance with local laws and registered with the Herons Rv Park.
9.14  Tenants and visitors will show respect and consideration for their neighbors and neighbors property in and surrounding the Rv Park.
9.15  Washer and dryers are for normal soiled clothes only. Grease/oil covered rags, pet bedding and other contaminants are not allowed to be washed or dried in the machines.
9.16  Generators may only be used during power outages.
9.17  Painting of vehicles, RVs or objects of any kind is NOT allowed. 
9.18  All visitors/guests to the Herons RV Park are required to sign in at the camp hosts with photo I.D.
9.19 All Herons Rv Park users will use caution when placing BBQs and other hot items and will take all precautions to prevent fires.
9.20  A tenant may not sell the tenants RV to a person who intends to leave the RV on the rental space until the landlord has accepted the person as a tenant. RVs and vehicles are NOT allowed to be shown or sold on rv park property.

9.21  All RVs must have a functioning toilet and shower to be in the Herons rv park.
9.22  Residents and guests are NOT to modify or work on any Rv park electrical panels or other utilities. Residents will notify the manager if there are any problems.
9.23  If you witness or suspect a crime is happening on the rv park property residents will call the police department and report it to the manager immediately.
9.24  Marijuana plant growing is NOT allowed anywhere on the Heron's Rv park property.
9.25  Any illegal Use or dealing of illegal or prescription drugs or suspicion of doing so on the Herons Rv Park property are considered extreme cause for immediate termination of tenancy and are grounds for a 24 hour eviction. Also all information will be turned over to the Garibaldi police department. The same rule applies for any visitor/guest in the Herons Rv Park and are grounds to be permanently banned from the Herons Rv Park property and be reported to the Garibaldi police department.
9.26  Aggressive breed dogs or other dangerous pets are NOT allowed on the Heron's rv park property at any time by tenants or visitors or anyone else entering on to the property.
9.27  Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are required for safety in all RVs and apartments on the Herons rv park property. 

Our rule violation policy is zero tolerance.
Any violations are grounds for eviction or removal from the Rv park
All federal, state and local laws must be obeyed while in the Rv park
HERON'S RV PARK - reserves the right to amend, revise, and/or add additional rules and regulations.
HERON'S RV PARK - reserves the right to permanently ban any visitor from the rv park property for violations of rv park rules and any previous tenants that left without paying money owed or were removed or evicted from the rv park.
HERON'S RV PARK - reserves the right to refuse service to anyone
HERON'S RV PARK IS USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - you agree to this by entering onto the property